Many roofing needs can be planned and budgeted for in advance.  Unfortunately, storm damage is not one of them.  When you are hit with a severe storm that causes damage to your home or commercial building, that damage needs to be addressed NOW!  Most insurance policies have a time limitation for you to file. 

This is a highly stressful time for you, your family, and your employees.  Knowing what to expect upfront and the steps to take will go a long way in reducing that stress and getting the tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently.  To further reduce that stress, Beachy Contracting offers a FREE hail damage inspection.

    Storm Damage Process

    STEP 1

    Get the roof inspected.  Though surface damage may be obvious to the naked eye, it takes an experienced, professional inspection to see underlying damage or risk to your substructure.  To ensure nothing is missed, Beachy Contracting uses infrared drone analysis.  This allows us to “see” the temperature fluctuations caused by unseen leaks in the roofing structure itself.

    STEP 2

    Review the written report provided.  Use this information to file your claim with your insurance company.  We have insurance claims specialists available to assist with this tedious task.  Many people have little experience with the intricacies of filing an insurance claim.  Let us assist you.

    STEP 3

    Once the claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will be assigned.  This individual will generally want to see the damage for themselves.  We can meet with the adjuster to ensure no damage is overlooked or undervalued.

    STEP 4

    The claim is accepted, and a dollar value provided by the insurance company.  You have the right to accept the value provided by the insurance company or challenge it, if you feel they have not fully encompassed the scope of the project.  The report we provided will include the pricing necessary for the repair or replacement of the damaged roof.

    STEP 5

    The repair/replacement is scheduled, then completed.  Beachy Contracting works diligently to not only make the repairs/replacement using only quality materials and highly skilled craftsmen, but also to minimize intrusiveness into your family or business schedule.

    STEP 6

    Clean up.  No project is really finished until the clean up is done.  You should have no evidence of the project except your beautifully restored roof, ready to continue protecting your family or business.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    This may be the best news you receive all day.  Your insurance should cover ALL the cost of the repair or replacement of your storm damaged roof.  Our entire process including inspecting damage, drone analysis, claims assistance, and actually fixing (repairing or replacing) your roof we offer 100% free of charge to property owners that qualify.

    For more information, reach out to us today 877-277-0829.

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